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Alyx + OK-RM Workshop

Exhibit & Display Design



In a quick design sprint style team project led by the design studio OK-RM, an exhibition space was conceptualized for the fashion brand Alyx Studio.


This project was followed up with an individual display design project to fit the concept space.

The space - 1 hour design sprint

"Alyx is about evolution not revolution"

This sentence was the prompt for our ideation


As a team, we defined evolution and revolution, and how these concepts are important to the Alyx brand.

The form of a curved arrow piercing a circle became the symbolic base of our concept.

Moodboard for the workshop concept


A space that is at once an exhibit of Alyx brand history and runway.

The top level is a gallery organized circularly in chronological order. The viewers would walk around the room learning about Alyx history, and would end their visit at the same location as the beginning, highlighting Alyx's brand value of never reinventing the wheel.

The Concept

Quick render sketch of the space


runway path

gallery path

amphitheater seating

The center of the room is amphitheater seating with a runway piercing through. This layout would give viewing options of all angles of the models. This geometry is also symbolic of the future piercing the past.

Display Design 

After completing the workshop, I felt inspired by the project and wanted to elaborate on it. I shifted my focus from designing the showroom space to one of the displays that would make up the exhibit.

The brief:

design a display case for the Alyx rollercoaster belt


Nothing is superficial in Alyx's brand, and so the object being displayed should be a core element of the display itself. For the display of the iconic Alyx rollercoaster belt, the installation should feature the belt as a key structural component of the display itself.

Early development sketches

alyx-exhibit-2 v2.png
alyx-exhibit-4 v1_edited.jpg

Concept renders


Belt Display


The display's structure alludes to the traditional glass box and pedestal displays, which gently discourages the viewer from touching the display.

The cubic information board, which is laser etched steel, encourages the viewer to move around the display as they read. This is not only enhancing the viewing experience but also increases traffic flow around the pedestal.

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