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Hi! I'm Alex,

I am an industrial designer passionate about visual culture. My specialty is product design, and I have graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Carleton University in May 2022. Industrial design originally drew me in as a method for exploring the world.

I've worked with design firms, brands, and artists in a variety of design positions including industrial designer, set designer, fashion designer, artistic instructor, and creative director. All these jobs include the same base principles: creative, out-of-the-box ideation followed by logical, problem-solving thinking.

I am passionate about the relationship between art and design. In fact, I have been invited to lecture, had a poster included in a forum, and wrote essays on this relationship,  the latter of which can be read here: Link 1  and Link 2.


Before I started pursuing design, I was a multimedia visual artist. As my interest grew for all types of design, I saw clear parallels between my creative process and the design process. I believe that to be a great designer one should think like a designer and feel like an artist.


Think like a designer, feel like an artist.

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